Top 6 Best Flash Games of All Time

Top 6 Best Flash Games of All Time

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The Top 10 Best Flash Games of All Time

Top 6 Best Flash Games of All Time

Millions of people around the world have fond memories of playing Flash games on their browsers in days gone by. Even though you can’t download many of them anymore, you can still find some that will take you back to the days when the only way to play video games online was with an old modem and web browser.

For so long, the browser-based platform has remained popular due to its unique ability to bring together an array of creators in a collaborative space where gameplay possibilities are virtually endless. Many fans think that these free Flash games are some of the best games ever made.

1. Alien Hominid

For a classic run-and-gun shooter, look no further than this 2002 title from Newgrounds. This pixel art title remains widely regarded as the quintessential flash game, serving as the launchpad for an entire studio that would later go on to create such classic titles as Castle Crashers.

2. Happy Wheels

This silly little game popularized Flash game play during the “Let’s Play” boom of YouTube videos. It featured humorous game physics and crude violence, as well as an addictive gameplay style that kept players coming back for more each day.

3. Line Rider

This straightforward Flash game is an example of how a minimalist indie can craft an enjoyable experience. It requires you to draw lines between mountain peaks that will guide the rider towards success or failure, depending on how creative you are with the terrain and tools at your disposal.

4. Realm of the Mad God

This flash game has been on this list for so long because it’s simply too good to pass up. Not only is it an excellent flash game, but this MMORPG also boasts an engaging storyline that will keep players enthralled for hours on end.

5. Grow

Most cryptic puzzlers were created by one developer, but the Grow series was crafted together by independent designers as an elite class of casual challenges. Transforming platformers into interactive art pieces that require you to question your assumptions and think outside the box in order to solve each ending, The Grow series elevated platformers from mere platformers into interactive artworks, compelling players to challenge themselves creatively and critically in order to succeed.

6. Bejeweled 2

Bejeweled 2 may seem like a simple puzzle game, but it’s an incredibly popular flash title that offers plenty of variety and captivating features to keep players engaged for hours on end. From various gaming modes and special gems to its vast collection of unique tiles, Bejeweled 2 offers everything needed to get into the action and match three or more similar tiles together.